Each one of us has innate methods and strategies for action-taking, expression, leadership, and genius/brilliance in our human design. We’ll go over your human design chart together live on our calls, naming your unique imprints and reinforcing your soul gifts. Grounding into your human design will help you stop getting distracted by everything that is NOT meant for you to do, so you can hone in on exactly what is yours to offer, share and speak to.

We'll explore your type, strategy and authority in depth, as well as your profile, incarnation cross, circuity and any other activations I am intuitively drawn to or that are essential to make sense of for your process of stepping into your power and brilliance. You will also get access to my Human Design course, The Foundation, so you can study on your own.

I have the tools to help you uncover why this is happening and how to transform it. 

In MEANT FOR BRILLIANCE, we hone in on and heal the internal obstacles that are keeping you from showing up fully in your leadership and develop customized strategies for your success using your genetic blueprint (aka, your human design).

Don't let another season go by wishing you would have started showing up differently. 

We begin by getting to know one another - specifically, you sharing your concerns and desires with me. Whether you've been burned by past business coaches with methods that didn't align with your spirit, or you've actually never released any offering into the world before, I want to know where you're at and what you need. I also want to know where you want to GO, so we can focus there during our time together, while also allowing room for flow + new insights to emerge. 

We do this mostly in a discovery call, but it also shapes the first session or two and helps me develop a plan to track progress over our time together. 

Now that you have a strong foundation in who you are, have cleared energetic and emotional obstacles to putting yourself out there, and have started embodying a more powerful sense of self in your day to day, it's time to develop your offering.

We'll work together to uncover who you most want to work with and the transformation you want to take them through. We'll talk about the unique way you work best and pinpoint what you need in place to be ready to take on clients. We'll work on copy together and find you a place to put it based on your needs -  (whether that's a website, google doc, PDF or Zoom invite!).  We'll decide how you'll package it, price it and start sharing about it. Depending on where you're at in your business journey, we'll approach this as a small experiment, or a magnum opus. There is nothing wrong with either approach, you just have to decide (using you Human Design!) what's right for YOU. 

I'm here to help you upgrade to feeling DAMN GOOD about offering your transformational work in
the world.

TO BEGIN November 2021.

With continued support as you move into "action mode" this is not going to be one of those "get scared and contract" moments. You have made the decision to be of service and operate in a new way and that takes some getting used to. As you share you offering with the world, we address any fears, obstacles or blocks that are coming up and create a plan that helps you stay true to who you really are while you continue to share your work with the world. After our time together, I hope you have the tools that continue to work for you for years to come, no matter where life and spirit takes you next!

1 spot available
to begin november 2021.

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Understanding your Human Design does SO MUCH to help you accept, love and understand yourself - but we also have our unique life experiences to contend with. As needed, we will do healing and expansion work to help you HEAL stuck memories and embedded patterns that are holding you back so you can EMBODY the version of yourself that is the leader you want to be.

This can include Universal Health Principles sessions (an intuitive healing that helps process stuck emotional memories and energetic distortions) as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (a direct healing modality that allows us to pinpoint and issue and dive in to shift your emotional state around it.)

You will also receive access to my EFT course, So Emotional, that teaches you how to lead yourself through EFT and has a library of relevant videos to tap along to. 

I also teach you GUMPTION Method and you're invited into my community of clients that practice the GUMPTION Warm Up together weekly for inspiration, clarity and motivation.

Disclaimer: I could never take full responsibility for my client results. I am the facilitator that helps them hear what they need to hear and see what they need to see to bring forth their innate brilliance. They also have to show up and do the work!

Customized, 5-month program, payment plans available.


(Note from Kerri: After her first session, Sarah’s Human Design business exploded out of nowhere. She went from doing her first paid reading ever, to fully booked out within weeks!)

(Note from Kerri: Christie had a desire to explore more comedy and performance, but was worried that wouldn't work with her therapist background - she began playing on TikTok and is now having more fun in her content and has an audience of over 150k!

“Right before the new year rolled around I knew I had a final layer of fear to shed, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, so I asked the Universe for a sign/help and within a matter of days after I was serendipitously connected with Kerri. At that point I hadn’t ever heard of UHP, but as soon as I Kerri mentioned what it was about I knew it was my help from the Universe. Kerri immediately tapped into my energy and helped me process and peel back the final layer of fear I needed to shed and then helped guide me through a few “permissions” my soul was ready to step into. Since our session my life has done a complete 180 in the best possible way and I know looking back Kerri played a major role in helping me get where I am today. UHP is absolutely magical. I feel everyone should experience it at least once in their life. We’re all made up of energy and sometimes energy gets trapped and Kerri has a beautiful way of finding where it’s at and helping it pass.” - Sarah

Note from Kerri: After working together, Korrie got the clarity to leave her job, start a marketing agency and had her first $30k month right out the gate!

Note from Kerri: While working together, Leya found the inspiration and focus to start her podcast as well as grow her creativity circles. Several months later, she decided to take her side hustle full time!

Note from Kerri: Deborah went on to write and perform her one woman show, despite being terrified of being seen on stage as an artist and not just a lecturer. She then went on to study vibrational sound healing and take on clients.

I work intuitively and on the spiritual side, (which is part of what clients come to me for) which means that no program is 100% the same. I’m attuning to YOU and what you in particular need right now to bring your first offering into the world.

"I’m in a completely different place than when I started. I’m getting my website redone, I’m launching a webinar and have gotten so clear on the people I want to help. And I see now that I have the value to bring them, I’ve been doing it for years and it’s time to put it into action.

I’m building two new businesses and I’m more motivated, energized and excited than I’ve been since I moved to New York. I’m feeling so high right now. There are so many patterns I’ve been able to see and let go, along with letting the right people in to help me uplevel. I’m so excited to move forward and be able to do what I love and help people and keep being lit up by my life.” - Korrie 

"I came to Kerri looking for guidance on which direction to take my business and creative endeavors. Her vast knowledge of UHP and human design in addition to her intuitive nature intrigued me, and I was confident that she would be able to help me get past my creative blocks.

In our 1:1 and group sessions, Kerri listened attentively and met me where I was each time, not judging even the slightest bit when I had changed my mind about something or couldn't yet figure out which direction to go.  

Because she knew my human design so well, she understood my ways of being in the world and in my business and validated them lovingly.

I left each session feeling clear and excited about the steps I wanted to take, and I left the program feeling more confident in myself and the gifts I have to share with the world.

“Kerri’s work is magnificent and otherworldly. She was able to tap into thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns in me that I have not shared with others.

During our 4th session my patterns of ‘filling up space’, ‘taking on extra work’, and doing more than I need to came up. I realized after the session that these deep-seated patterns have affected my health, burnout at work and general relationship to work/career, especially as a Projector in Human Design.

I am still processing the shifts and the insights and am unexpectedly finding this pattern come up in other aspects of my life. 

“I recently received a remote session from Kerri on the tail end of what seemed like a two-month long cold and at the commencement of production week for a large scale project. Kerri took the time with me at the start of the session to talk about my needs and what I hoped to get out of the session.

I work at a large, busy non-profit that requires a great deal of collaboration, and we identified that I was having an even more difficult time than usual with communication and decisiveness at work. She then “tuned in” to my body to begin to unearth and untangle any hidden knots that may have been hindering my success, talking with me about my experience and asking me questions along the way. 

At its core, the session felt like mental and emotional therapy prioritizing information held in my body, rather than exclusively focusing on information held in my mind.

"Kerri is an incredibly gifted coach and healer. Her ability to hold space and intuitively guide you through your process is unmatched. Before working with Kerri, I was working through some limiting beliefs such as "needing to do it all on my own" and feeling lost and confused.

Through UHP, Human Design, and Kerri's embodied listening, I was able to accept myself exactly as I am, gain so much clarity and understanding, and truly give myself permission to be the person I already am.

Kerri has this presence that I trusted immediately which is so key while doing this vulnerable, personal work. Anytime old wounds would come up throughout our sessions such as guilt or shame, she guided me into a softening to accept my light as well as my shadow. Thank you, Kerri!" - Leya

Kerri’s insights and healing work have truly empowered me and my relationship to my current work role and to how I show up in my life is shifting.

Through working with Kerri I’ve experienced release from emotional pain, particularly deep-seated emotional and thought patterns. This has been a truly life-shifting experience. I have already recommended Kerri to multiple friends. Her work is truly a gift to humanity.”
 - Mita 

Kerri’s highly gifted and intuitive and our relationship spans about 7 years. I highly recommend her to other leaders and CEO’s who are seeking clear energetic support and insight.” - Tanya 

I'm so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by Kerri and I highly recommend that any creative woman seeking clarity in her life and/or career path invest in her mentorship. - Christie

I realized, during this session, that my body was holding onto old beliefs that were buried so deep that I’d forgotten they were there. I hadn’t even told Kerri about my everlasting cold, but wasn’t surprised when she described the connection between my immune system and the exact difficulties I’d been experiencing emotionally. Kerri uncovered these beliefs and turned them into lessons that I could acknowledge and release, rewiring my mind and body to take on new, more productive beliefs.

The lessons that Kerri made me aware of in this session were so accurate that I laughed, and perfectly timely— it was clear that these were the things that I was ready to tackle at this time in my life. I went into the production feeling energized and clear headed. It has been two weeks since the session, and I’ve noticed that projects involving team work and making big decisions have been smooth and effortless.

Kerri is such a joy to receive healing work from. She radiates joy, sincerity, honesty, and compassion, and creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort, even from across the country. I’m so grateful to Kerri for her work, and am looking forward to more sessions.” 
- Celina 

“Kerri’s power lies in her exquisite grace and serenity. What’s most impressive to me is her non-dualistic approach: she offers methods that allow for both flow and structure - i.e. gentle allowing/surrendering and at the same time, structuring and planning.

Her tools unite body/mind, feminine/masculine with creative practices that encourage wholeness, authenticity, inspiration and joy. The result of her techniques might best be described as “flowing structures” or “playful discipline” which produce optimal conditions that allow for creativity to flourish.

I truly cherish the work I’ve been doing with Kerri and it is a privilege to be working with her. She brings great depth, intuition and compassion to each session. I consider Kerri my creative midwife helping me birth the artist that has always been inside me but feels too afraid to come out.” - Deborah 

“Understanding the role of my authority and energy type in human design has helped me manage my energy, trust my choices, and follow my body’s wisdom - its intuitions as well as its needs - to both work more efficiently an welcome serendipity. As a real estate agent I’m fortunate to have a great deal of freedom in the way I run my business; human design has been a big part of making the most meaningful use of that freedom (and you should see me running my colleague’s charts to improve our collaborations!). HD (and Kerri) keep on helping me imagine and sustain a business that brings me real joy.” - Michaela 

“Three summers ago Kerri Van Kirk did a human design reading for me that profoundly shifted the trajectory of my business for the better. By looking at some of the more nuanced material and communicating it to me in a way that felt intuitive, not just learned, she was able to help me illuminate the kind of leadership that was most natural to me and aligned with my design so I could lean into it.

This has impacted the way I communicate and present myself in the world as well as affirming an inner philosophy I’ve always had around radical generosity and the way that that works to bring me and those around me exactly what I need.

Step 1:
CONCERNS & Desires

Step 2: understanding your HUMAN DESIGN

Step 3: healing + Expansion Work

Step 5: Continued support

STEP 4: the creation process


As a Coach, Human Design Guide and Healer, I help CEO’s, writers, entrepreneurs, creators and leaders align with their most potent truth, so they can receive the gift of being honored, loved and celebrated for exactly who they are in career and creativity.

Whatever is holding you back from full visibility and leadership is a distortion of your true brilliance.


In MEANT FOR BRILLIANCE, I help you understand your unique genetic blueprint (aka, your human design) and create an offering that feels RIGHT for you, that you are excited to share with the world, and that begins the next stage of your leadership journey.

Don't let another season go by wishing you would have answered the call of your true self. 

When you work with this energy, you experience increasing success & satisfaction. You create in a flow state & discover your unique way of showing up to share your voice.

If you don't know how to work with your own energy, you end up:


When you work with this energy, you experience increasing success & satisfaction that comes from embodying the truth of who you are. You create in a state of flow & discover your unique way of showing up to share & deliver your offerings.

If you don't know how to work with your own energy, you end up:

Each one of us is born with a genetic blueprint that determines how our energy most easefully & powerfully connects with the world. 

Each one of us is born with a genetic blueprint that shows us how we are meant to serve in this lifetime.

You are 100% not alone in these thoughts, but that doesn't mean you have to keep living them.

Because whatever is holding you back from embodying your true place of service and leadership in the world is a distortion of your innate power and brilliance.

"Do I really have anything unique to offer? So many people are doing this already..."

"What's the point if it might not work out anyway? Should i really risk stability to follow my dreams?"

"Why do i feel stuck and spinning in my head, when deep down I know this is the next step for me..."

You want to be seen & celebrated for who you really are.

You want the world to recognize your deepest gifts as a leader, writer, entrepreneur, performer, or facilitator. 

You want to step forward in your leadership or creativity in a big way, but you know that something is holding you back. 

You want to do amazing work in the world.

You want to use your deepest gifts to actually be of service in this lifetime - and, yes, *maybe even* get paid for it.

You want to step forward in your leadership  in a big way, but you know that something is holding you back. 


The Process

You might be thinking...

You might be thinking...

Are you ready to step into the version of yourself you've been
Dreaming of?

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