They can,
it is,
& we do. 

Welcome to Illuminate Work, 
a place for spiritually-minded women 
seeking a more satisfying & sustainable
relationship to work, purpose and well-being
as they self-author their lives, businesses and work
in the world, whatever that looks like.


What if our work lives honored our truest selves and deepest values?

What if daily joy and personal energetic sustainability was just as important as what you accomplished each day?

What if we embraced the idea that "work" is a field where we get to discover and rediscover ourselves a thousand times - not a thing we rush to "figure out" as fast as possible.

Identify your values. Connect to yourself. Learn your Human Design. Connect with others. Find work that satisfies you. Create work that thrills you. Embody the next best version of yourself. Give yourself compassion. Grow. Learn. Evolve. Participate. Take care.  Connect. Thrive. Do Good Work. 

Show up for your best work. Connect with others on the same path. Prepare your energy for the day. Keep your hard drive humming & organized. Focus when it's time to focus. Work on things that you care about. Create healthy rhythms. Enjoy. Thrive. Do Good Work.



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