Our mission is to help women reinvent their work lives by putting their values and well-being FIRST, instead of last. We envision a future where the culture of work has shifted from disembodied burnout to sustainable, compassionate, and life-giving collaboration and service.

Part of the Illuminate method is defining your four core values. Here are ours!

When we recognize that the perfect conditions are right here, right now, we relax into the flow of life, playing our role in the world we want to see.

The things we aspire to are not impossible. With the support of like-minded compatriots, we approach our practice with courage and care. 

We do the inner work to make the outer work that we aspire to possible, using our gifts to move ourselves and our communities in the direction of what is beautiful
and good. 

Noticing and naming what’s true leads to discernment & right action, in time. We trust that we know what we need to know when we need to know it. 

Kerri is an Energetic Business Advisor helping female CEO's and Founders find wholeness, harmony and radiance within themselves as they lead their companies. She uses a mind-body-spirit approach with her clients, intermingling the esoteric with the actionable, and using the chakra system (GUMPTION Method), Human Design, Gene Keys and Universal Health Principles to elicit deep connection to self, truth and purpose. All of her work assists in the shedding of the “not-self” and stepping into your true gifts and power.

Personally, Kerri recently moved to Maine with her husband after 12 years in NYC. She is a poet, songwriter and storyteller moving from one woman shows to working with a band in 2022. She is exploring the local community and taking lots of walks to her local harbor. 

In Spring 2020 Teresa received the changes that the pandemic brought as a time to be available fully for her two school age children, support her partner working from home and go deeply inward for her own growth. With her work teaching massage on pause, she crossed a threshold and walked into a place of deep listening, stillness and the unknown

Carefully taking each step in the mystery she trusted the process, crossed another threshold and began opening up to the new fullness within her wholeness. Illuminate was a part of that process.  

A Beta participant in the Illuminate program, Teresa blends the integration of the Illuminate container into her 24 years experience in the healing arts field. The tapestry of her experience is woven with threads colored by practicing and teaching massage therapy and bioenergy therapies, of facilitating mind/body/spirit/soul connections and journeys in the shamanic traditions, and with the wonder and awe of magic and trees and the undeniable need to get her hands in the dirt. 

Teresa’s passion for the transformation potential that arises from a desire to change, the curiosity to know something differently or the simple fact that something is not working well is fueled by her foundational values:

1) Listening to the divine guidance in the heart’s desire and respecting the process of perfect timing.
2) Being in the present moment and expanding the capacity for response in each moment. 
3) Empowering wholeness perspectives and finding the childlike wonder available in the healing power of imagination as medicine.
4) Exploring the wisdoms in natural rhythms including lunar rhythms, seasonal rhythms and the breath.

Teresa loves inspiring people to connect with the healing wisdom that is within us and supporting us in the natural rhythms that surround us.

The main themes Virginia has been exploring in her work are empathy, creative expression, collaboration, developing self-awareness and strengthening the capacity to “be with what is." She is a sometimes reluctant solo-mama of a 4 year old daughter, a life-long lover of embodied expression through performance and also of the art of business. Virginia sees "business" as potential pathway to sustainably lessening the suffering of humanity through the work that we make and the energy we contribute to the future we are all co-creating.

Virginia is a graduate Stanford University CCARE's Applied Compassion Training Program. Her studies and Polyvagal Theory and the practice of Circling Method have given her a keen understanding of the dynamics of mind/body in relationship, which she brings with her, always, as she holds space as a group facilitator and internal experience guide. She is also Chief Listening Officer and Founder of Amplify The Heart (an audio start-up launching in 2021). Past career paths include: professional actor/singer/live-theatre producer, executive assistant on Madison Avenue, and creativity and performance coach.

"Kerri’s power lies in her exquisite grace and serenity. What’s most impressive to me is her non-dualistic approach: she offers methods that allow for both flow and structure - i.e. gentle allowing/surrendering and at the same time, structuring and planning. Her tools unite body/mind, feminine/masculine with creative practices that encourage wholeness, authenticity, inspiration and joy. The result of her techniques might best be described as “flowing structures” or “playful discipline” which produce optimal conditions that allow for creativity to flourish. She brings great depth, intuition and compassion to each session."
- Deborah Z.
(Vibrational Sound Healer, Art Evangelist, friend)

"I have known Teresa for many years - as a teacher, a colleague, a friend, and a soul sister. When asked to describe her years ago, I compared her to a deeply rooted tree. I have witnessed those roots growing deeper and stronger as she taps into the well of wisdom she shares with those of us fortunate enough to know her. She is a joy to be near and an ally when I need one most. 

I have had the honor of experiencing Teresa’s unwavering ability to hold sacred space while I fumble my way through a mix of thoughts and emotions, processing the challenges that come with being human. She is the person I turn to when I need a nudge to help me put the pieces together, and I always come out better and with more clarity for it. I am grateful to have her by my side on this journey of life.
- Kate Craig

“Virginia creates a safe space to explore and share the challenging thoughts and feelings that may have felt unsafe to share with others in the past. Virginia’s nurturing compassionate heart combined with her curious mind, trained in acceptance, creates an environment of willingness for deep self-exploration. I always feel a sense of moving-through anything I am struggling with after sharing with Virginia.”
 - Josh H. (artist, creator, friend)



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