The New Moon is a perfect moment to notice what is now and to set intention for what we are growing into. It is an inspired time to start again and to align again with our living values in a way that brings new perspective and curiosity.

The New Moon Intention session is a potent moment in time that supports the evolution of our true heart's desire to live fully which nourishes ourselves and then ripples to our communities, our planet and beyond.

You are invited to set your new moon intention with us each month in our free
90-minute facilitated session on Zoom.
Below are details about the practice, schedule of sessions and the link to register.

  • Embodiment Practice (to get us grounded within our own skin)
  • Journal Prompts for Intuitive Writing (bring your favorite pen and journal)
  • Reflective Listening Practice (Link to Guidelines for the Practice with registration)
  • Assistance in crafting the language of your intention if needed.
  • All in a container of community care and support.

We recommend cameras on...not because we need to "look good" to one another (because we definitely DO NOT need to be concerned about appearances). We recommend cameras on because we connect more deeply with one another when we can see each other's EYES (the portal to the soul). So please, be aware that "camera on" is required for the reflective listening practice portion of the session...and all the feels that comes along with "being seen" are also welcome to  discuss! 

Noticing and naming what’s true leads to discernment & right action, in time. We trust that we know what we need to know when we need to know it. 

Women who are interested in being intentional and curious. Who want to step into a new awareness through creating an intention about life, work, love, and/or play!
Possibilities are infinite! This is an energy set with the new moon that we can feel into and explore throughout the month.
90-minute sessions in a field of compassion and support
 On-line Zoom video conferencing
Click here to Register.
The time to show up for yourself in the capacity you can in that moment as a gift (from you to you)
and from us.

10am MT/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET/ 9:30pm India Time

Friday, July 29th
Friday, August 26
Friday, September 23
Monday, October 24th
Monday, November 21
Friday, December 23

Where: Online Zoom meeting 
Click Registration link:

Session Schedule